Vingd builds emotionally intelligent AI technologies that bring human-level care, love and respect into people’s lives.

Our team consists of a wide array of minds focused on replicating the brains of human experts in a variety of fields. We are looking for original thinkers to join us in developing our unique expertise in the modelling of knowledge and intelligence. If you think that you are one of those, please let us know at

Software Engineer
When you hear an idea about a product, you see yourself becoming passionate about how it can become reality. You start to explore, plan, design and create software that will support it on the mission to yield the highest impact possible. Maybe you run on adrenalin sometimes, but that’s the only way for you because when you build, you build not only to deliver, but to affect and amaze.
DevOps Engineer
You enjoy building places where products live. To think about architecture and how all parts should talk with one another is one of your favourite things ever. Yes, you would say that you geek out on topics related to reliability, scalability and security, but you find that necessary for your role - to break the challenges that slow your team down, while making developers and the development process unstoppable.